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Fists in Solidarity

Membership Benefits

Why you should join APKASS?

  • APKASS aims to continue collaborates with regional societies such as ESSKA in Europe, AOSSM and AANA in North America, and SLARD in Latin America.

  • APKASS will also collaborate with the International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS).

  • By joining APKASS, you will be amongst veteran experts, doctors and health care professionals who have had extensive experience and expertise, and vibrant young members who are ready to face the challenges of the future with innovative and fresh ideas.

  • By becoming a member of APKASS, your membership will also undoubtedly add prestige and value to your professional development.

Who can be a member of APKASS?

  • Qualified medical doctors, scientist and allied health professions practicing professionally in the field of knee surgery, arthroscopy surgery or sports medicine, in an Asia-pacific country.

  • Pay annual subscription membership fee – Details please see here



  • Professional enhancement

  • Regional and global network of skilled professionals

  • Leadership in clinical care, education, and research

  • Have vote at General Meeting

  • Eligible for position at Executive Board

  • Receive latest news of APKASS

  • Eligible to be selected as Intercontinental Travelling Fellows (APKASS/ESSKA/AOSSM/SLARD)
    (At least 1 year full membership before the trip)

  • Special discount rate (20% less) for submission of paper for AP-SMART journal

  • Special discount rate (20% less) for Biennial APKASS Congress, starting April 2014 Nara Congress

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